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How do consumers research and purchase your products?

This tool could help identify new opportunities for your business and show the senior execs in your business how consumers in your market are typically interacting between the online and the offline world when making a decision on which product to buy and where to buy it from.

The data behind the research is compiled by TNS, the IAB and Google (in case you are questioned on the credibility of this data).

The consumer barometer tool is split into four key areas each of which could go some way to help guide you answer some burning business questions regarding the multichannel shopping habits of your customers and strong the ROPO effect is in your market.

Is your analytics tracking correctly?

The beauty of working in the online world is the plethora of information that is available to you about your visitors. How they arrived at your website, which page they arrived at, how long they spent on your site, did they buy, how much they spent…and the list goes on.

But is anyone checking if the analytics is tracking correctly? If not then it could be that you have been making big decisions based on false information and giving senior management a false view of the world.

Five mobile challenges for retailers

Our industry has been talking about “year of the mobile” going back four or five years now. It was a long time coming but a pretty safe bet to say that it has arrived.

It’s easy for us online people to be very excited about the opportunities that have arrived with the mobile era, for us to show off case studies and white papers about retailers with deep pockets who have already achieved great things on mobile.

It’s undoubtedly a very exciting time. However, the reality is there are a number of internal challenges for retailers to over come when adapting to mobile and the rapid change in consumer behaviour that mobile is driving.

Is your agency over-complicating PPC?

Pay per click (PPC) marketing is a simple and effective method of advertising – you define the keywords that you would like your ad to display for (or not), you build an advert and you wait for a match against the search query, get a click and hopefully a conversion. It’s all based on relevancy.

As a client are you happy with the quality of your PPC?