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How to get the most out of your online coupon campaigns

Who doesn’t like a deal? Who doesn’t like to pay less than what everyone else is paying for the exact same item?

Coupons have been in existence since the dawn of the Modern Age and for good reason – they work. 

This is no less true, and perhaps even more so, in the Ecommerce Age. Using coupons is an easy way to increase conversions and augment sales.

Four facts you need to know about product recommendations

Product recommendations are responsible for an average of 10%-30% of ecommerce site revenues.

However, with so many ways to present product recommendations, I’ve decided to highlight four facts based on anonymous aggregated data collected from 50m sessions that were exposed to product recommendations.

Keeping these four facts in mind can really make a difference in generating what can be up to a third of your site’s revenue.

How ecommerce sites can cater for the ‘just browsing’ shoppers

Online retailers are struggling to unearth the reasons why shoppers abandon their sites without converting.

Econsultancy recent Reducing Customer Struggle report reveals that a staggering 73% of the companies surveyed admit that they are unaware of the abandonment reasons 

“I’m just browsing” is reported as one of the major abandonment reasons. This reason accounts for anywhere between 37% to 57% of the total online shoppers who left without buying. 

How to build your email list to personalize the ecommerce experience

Like the excitement you feel when getting a phone number to set-up a date, gaining an email address from an ecommerce website visitor is the first step in building a relationship and turning that shopper into a customer.  

But how can an ecommerce site gain visitor confidence in order to encourage them to provide their email address?

The following are a selection of industry best practices that help online retailers build relationships with visitors and gain email addresses: