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Why a One Web approach is the way for ecommerce

One Web is a foundational website development principle for tackling today’s diverse, multi-screen world.

You may or may not have heard of it yet, but One Web will soon be acknowledged as the only way to build modern and future-proof ecommerce websites.

Mobile social media: Four tactics for mobile sharing

Social networking via mobile devices is growing each
day. How well does your social strategy incorporate mobile?

Do you access Facebook or Twitter from your mobile phone? If not, you’re the exception.

New studies show the number of people using their mobile phones to connect on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn is growing rapidly and becoming the dominant way to access social networks.

Mobile email: Six tips for building a campaign that works

Mobile email is big, and getting bigger. By 2015, more US internet users will access the web
through mobile devices than through PCs. 

The mobile email numbers are even more indicative of a seismic shift in
web behavior. comScore
found that while web-based email declined significantly throughout 2010, mobile
email surged 36% from the prior year.

As consumers are increasingly browsing, shopping, and
interacting with brands on the go, mobile commerce presents a powerful