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Shift the thinking and see the potential of SEM for brands

With direct
response well and truly in the bag,
surely SEM for brand is the next big win for Google.  Here’s
a shift in thinking to help brands up the

SEM as a
direct response tool gained instant appeal, spend sky rocketed and found
equilibrium where CPA is equitable. Search
marketing for brand surely is the next big win for Google, but no one
seems to be making a good case
for brands.

Buying or selling SEO links? Look at the trouble you’re causing

Image by rene_ehrhardt via FlickrHow many times have you sat through an SEO
presentation and heard ‘it’s all about links, and one link from the BBC
is worth more than 1,000 low level directories.’ 

Google relies on media links to calculate PageRank, a gauge of website
authority. These links bring order to search results, which is why
everyone uses Google, which is why they make so much money. Brands
therefore need media links to achieve SEO success in Google, which is fair

But what do media owners get for providing the authority map
behind Google’s meteoric rise? Plummeting advertising revenues as Google hoovers up the lot. This
seems a bit of a kick in the teeth, but what can they do about it?