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Two ways to post blogs on LinkedIn that could get you banned

Group discussion posts are part of any good LinkedIn content strategy. Yet most posts (and authors) pushing blogs are being labeled as spam by moderators, or moved to the Promotions tab.

In response marketers are posting full articles within the Group discussion itself!

Is posting blog updates (in general) a LinkedIn content strategy best practice? Or is it dangerous a waste of time?

Sell with social media by knowing when and how to dis-engage

If you want to generate a lead or sale with social media engaging customers is not the goal. It’s the starting point.

It’s an open door to get customers to respond… to dis-engage with social media and enter into a journey with you.

In other words it’s the start of a series of “fair exchanges” that guides prospective buyers toward, or away from, what you’re selling on your turf.

Here’s how to get started…

Rise of the social selling expert

The drumbeat of big data’s promise is quickening and becoming louder. The role of the CMO is increasingly coming under pressure to techno-fy, automate and focus on bridging the gap between marketing and sales teams.

Facebook, blogging, Twitter, LinkedIn? Inbound marketing, content marketing? “Oh yeah. We’re on it.”

That’s entirely the problem. Businesses are “just doing it.” Growth is slowing. The love affair with social media marketing is nearly over. Everyone’s all gaa-gaa over big data. So if social media and content marketing managers are to survive the meteoric rise of ‘Big Data’ they’ll need to become social selling experts – pronto.

Three things you can cut from your social marketing plan

If you need to create a social media marketing plan for your business in 2013 you’ll be smart to cut these three strategies completely out of your budget, providing they meet these “tough love” performance criteria.

This is the year when content marketing and social media focuses like a laser on leads and sales. Or else.