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Two ways to post blogs on LinkedIn that could get you banned

Group discussion posts are part of any good LinkedIn content strategy. Yet most posts (and authors) pushing blogs are being labeled as spam by moderators, or moved to the Promotions tab.

In response marketers are posting full articles within the Group discussion itself!

Is posting blog updates (in general) a LinkedIn content strategy best practice? Or is it dangerous a waste of time?

Sell with social media by knowing when and how to dis-engage

If you want to generate a lead or sale with social media engaging customers is not the goal. It’s the starting point.

It’s an open door to get customers to respond… to dis-engage with social media and enter into a journey with you.

In other words it’s the start of a series of “fair exchanges” that guides prospective buyers toward, or away from, what you’re selling on your turf.

Here’s how to get started…

Rise of the social selling expert

The drumbeat of big data’s promise is quickening and becoming louder. The role of the CMO is increasingly coming under pressure to techno-fy, automate and focus on bridging the gap between marketing and sales teams.

Facebook, blogging, Twitter, LinkedIn? Inbound marketing, content marketing? “Oh yeah. We’re on it.”

That’s entirely the problem. Businesses are “just doing it.” Growth is slowing. The love affair with social media marketing is nearly over. Everyone’s all gaa-gaa over big data. So if social media and content marketing managers are to survive the meteoric rise of ‘Big Data’ they’ll need to become social selling experts – pronto.

Three things you can cut from your social marketing plan

If you need to create a social media marketing plan for your business in 2013 you’ll be smart to cut these three strategies completely out of your budget, providing they meet these “tough love” performance criteria.

This is the year when content marketing and social media focuses like a laser on leads and sales. Or else. 

Three popular ways to sabotage your B2B social marketing strategy

Launching marketing messages onto social media? Stop. Telling your unique, compelling story and humanizing yourself online? Stop. Listening with social media… all in hopes of selling B2B professional services?

While most experts advise us to do these things on social media we’re actually doing more harm than good. Here’s why and what to do instead to create leads and sales and 3 things that can do more harm to your B2B company than good.

Storytelling: why most content marketing plans fail

What good is having a content marketing plan if it doesn’t create leads and sales for you? The harsh truth is most content marketing strategies fail because content marketers have been given bad information about “what works.”

Good stories don’t cause sales. Engagment does not either. High levels of confidence in buyers (created by compelling blogs, videos, white papers, downloads, etc.) and clear, compelling calls to action do.

Here are simple guidelines to ensure your digital content always creates leads and sales by super-charging buyers’ confidence in their abilities.

How I generated sales on LinkedIn last week

Making LinkedIn generate more job interviews or leads for your business is all about how you think about what you already know works and getting prospects off of social media.

Contrary to what “the experts” say, knowing how to set up an engaging LinkedIn group or attractive profile is not the end game. Nor is finding crafty ways to mention your blogs, webinars or new product releases within LinkedIn Groups going to create sales.

The key to success is actually rooted in creative thinking about what you already know works and getting your target market off of social media. Here’s the proof.

How to survive the transition to digital direct response

The social media revolution was an over-hyped lie. Digital marketing is forcing marketing communications to evolve, not re-invent itself.

Mass media ideas that aren’t working anymore (like branding) are winding down as “what works” is becoming increasingly evident: direct response marketing. Like it or not, whether you’re a small business owner or a brand manager, surviving this evolution means embracing and practicing traditional direct response marketing.

How to be sure content marketing produces sales

Most content marketing experts say, “engaging content drives sales.” In reality even the most engaging blogs, Facebook timelines or LinkedIn discussions fail to produce leads and sales.

For most businesses, engaging customers creates profitless prosperity. They have impressive marketing statistics that ultimately don’t directly help generate leads and sales. Businesses who DO create leads and sales using social selling seem to know something the rest of us don’t.

Make social media sell: here’s how

What you are doing right now with Facebook, blogging, Twitter, YouTube and the like is probably working against your best interests.

How can this be? There is no money in your knowing the truth: the Social Media Revolution is a lie.

Need proof? Look around. Where’s the revolution in your business? People actually acquiring customers and selling using social media know the truth; they know something most of us don’t.

How to make Twitter sell

Remarkably savvy social sellers like Avaya are converting
individual tweets into $250,000 in sales. The company realises that the answer to selling with Twitter is rooted in discovering
conversations that are worth having.

And conversing in ways that
generate questions that Avaya’s products/services can answer. Here’s how you can too.