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Jeff Rajeck is a researcher, trainer, and consultant for Econsultancy in APAC.


How B2B firms in Southeast Asia are racing ahead with ecommerce [stats]

For B2B companies in Asia-Pacific, ecommerce has officially arrived. Firms across the region have taken up the mantle and are developing technology, processes and teams to get their piece of the B2B ecommerce market, estimated to reach US$6.7 trillion by 2020. Firms in the India and Australia/New Zealand (ANZ) subregions have their various strengths and […]

What is the state of B2B ecommerce in India? [stats]

Econsultancy’s recent report, State of B2B Ecommerce in ANZ, Southeast Asia and India, published in association with Magento, offers new data about how B2B companies across Asia-Pacific are integrating online transactions into their businesses.

With survey responses from over 500 B2B marketers across the region, the report provides insights into the growth of B2B ecommerce and its technology, and how B2B firms are harnessing people, processes, technology and data to provide a consumer-grade ecommerce experience. It is now available to download here.

Four things to know about the state of B2B ecommerce in ANZ, India and Southeast Asia

Ecommerce offers enormous opportunity for B2B companies, with the global B2B ecommerce market estimated to reach US$6.7 trillion by 2020.

A new report by Econsultancy, State of B2B Ecommerce in ANZ, Southeast Asia and India, published in association with Magento, looks at the extent to which companies in the region are seizing the B2B ecommerce opportunity, and investing in important capabilities to boost adoption.

WPP’s Connie Chan: Brand leaders should “adopt brand challenger strategies”

On Friday, August 17th, in Singapore, Econsultancy is hosting an afternoon event which will feature talks by some of the top marketing talent in the region.

We’re calling the event ‘Digital Divas‘ as, unlike our other events, this one will feature fresh insights exclusively from women in senior marketing positions. For those in Singapore, you can book your spot here.

Marketing science expert Astha Kalbag: “I don’t think marketers should fall in the trap of ‘proving’ ROI”

Digital Divas 2018‘ is an Econsultancy Asia-Pacific event being held in Singapore on Friday, August 17th and will feature the thought leadership of women in marketing.

For those who are able to attend, please click here to book your spot. For those who cannot attend, or are interested in finding out a bit more about it, Econsultancy has conducted short interviews with each speaker to find out their thoughts on the marketing landscape and their views on how senior marketers can progress in their careers.