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What does the digital agency of the future look like?

Just about every organisation, from the board down, is now talking about the importance of customer experience, breaking down silos and aligning data across the company.

In essence this is to keep up with rising consumer expectations – consumers expect to be treated as individuals, and remembered, before engaging with brands.

B2B listening, analytics & content strategy in the pharmaceutical sector

It’s easy to justify the case for social listening when considering large consumer brands high volumes of online conversations about them, but what about specialist B2B firms with specialist audiences?

This didn’t put GE Lifesciences off in targeting an audience of lab workers and scientists.

Ecommerce trends in 2015: video presentation

B2C Ecommerce continues to take a growing share of retail sales, but what’s driving this growth and what are the emerging trends that marketers can take advantage of in 2015?

Here I’ll be taking you through a few key stats before presenting my latest talk, which will help to shed some light on the above questions.