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Tablet and mobile drive bumper Cyber Monday for online fashion retailers

There’s no arguing that Cyber Monday is now integral to the domestic shopping calendar. The 2013 renewal of the ecommerce bonanza was in retail terms a success, especially if you happen to own a fashion website.

That’s because fashion websites saw a 25% year-on-year increase in visits on what is now known as Cyber Monday, an uplift that appears to have been driven by the growth of mobile and tablet shopping. 

Where should SEO sit within a business?

Where should SEO sit within a company? Historically the answer to this would have been an extension to the digital marketing team, in some cases even in I.T, and always siphoned off as a separate marketing element.

This approach, born of technological black-hat tendencies is, like so many in the industry, outdated.

Why luxury brands need to focus on user experience and SEO

It’s quite common for luxury brands to apply their strong branding values of exclusivity and differentiation to the online space. However, these values are often applied at the expense of usability and SEO.

This article will show examples of how this desire to be different can prove to be detrimental in the online space and discuss why these luxury brands must acknowledge this if they are to embrace the online marketing channels properly.

The site brandchannel.com gives an in-depth insight into what makes a luxury brand; so it’s important we try to retain these core values whilst improving their website experience.

SEO & PPC: friends with benefits

SEO and PPC are two search engine marketing disciplines that a lot of people have tried to compare in the past, each discussing the merits, and the clear advantages and disadvantages for both sides.

Many SEO and PPC marketers argue also about which one is better for providing return…

Six key questions to ask your prospective SEO agency

Over the last three years I have been involved in many pitches to win new SEO clients and we are often asked how we can really tell if what an agency says it can do is actually true. 

With this major question in mind I thought I’d share with you some of our thoughts and experiences that we think might help you if you do find yourself looking for a new SEO agency. 

This check list is a good list of questions to ask prospecting agencies when in the process of selecting your new SEO agency partner.