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How to use social media to build a teaser campaign

Consumers have moved beyond traditional forms of engagement and they have much higher expectations towards brands to amuse and entertain them. 

Marketers are taking notice of this by going beyond the traditional and merging creativity with social media. 

How the #nomakeupselfie became a simple way to donate

With our society constantly challenging the female image, there is enormous social pressure to always look good.

The #nomakeupselfie campaign has sparked motivation to rethink the concept of beauty, while also becoming a reminder of the importance of looking after our bodies and others who are less fortunate. 

How brands are using Google+ to offer unique experiences to consumers

With Google+ celebrating its third anniversary in June this year, I have noticed a surge in brands getting busy and shifting their marketing attention toward this network.

1.15bn users are only the beginning of many possibilities that Google+ has to offer, especially if Google is planning something big this year.

But have they tapped all the potential in waking up its sleeping community?  

How bitesize videos are changing the way brands communicate

Who would have thought that the launch of micro video was going to revolutionise the way we think?

Less than 20 seconds of space is being filled with so many great and creative ideas, allowing good concepts to grow, and more importantly, allowing you and I to become part of them. 

The power of crowdsourced video projects is on the rise. Now more than ever we can see examples of campaigns that use video to tell stories that come to life through the involvement of an online community.

It was all given a kickstart with the launch of micro video (Vine and Instagram), which is now taking over the way we and brands communicate with one another. 

Have a look at how video is sneaking into our daily lives, where brands and society work together to create something that emphasises the role of creativity.

Four examples of digital activism: using art and digital to fight a cause

Is social media a good way to build an AIDS-free generation, raise philosophical questions, or inspire youngsters to learn and embrace more actions for positive change?

Sounds tricky, but there are projects out there that are pushing the awareness message in an unconventional way, helping the ambition to drive awareness go international.

Four great examples of brands using Instagram to break free of the browser

The expectations of brands on social media are getting higher. This is leading to businesses having to turn away from traditional approaches and create more engaging and interactive experiences, with crowd-sourcing of content becoming a favourite method.

With 40% of people responding better to visual information than text alone, it is not a surprise to see brands diving in to experience the hype of the photo-sharing app, Instagram.

And there are brands who not only aim to discover the joys of Instagram through traditional engagement and networking, but by creating immersive and innovative campaigns.