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Five interview questions to ask search marketing candidates

Recruiting the right talent for your team is tricky no matter what industry you’re in, but people working in search marketing face some very particular challenges.

There aren’t a lot of experienced and talented people to go around. Equally, experience doesn’t always correlate with talent.

There are a lot of excellent search marketers with only a few years experience and others who’ve done the years but don’t have the skills. 

Lots of people are responding to this by taking on trainees, this can work a treat but does eat into one of your most precious resources – your senior team’s time.

So if you decided to recruit someone with more experience what do you ask them?

Seven SEO tools to improve your online PR efficiency

Recently I’ve had the pleasure of training a number of PR agencies on how they can work Search Engine Optimisation into their service offerings.

It’s no secret that lots of SEO agencies and teams are trying to do the reverse at the same time.

While this merging of disciplines is no big surprise, something that I hadn’t anticipated is just how useful SEO tools can be for people carrying out online PR.

Early thoughts on what Facebook’s Graph Search means for SEO

Now there’s one thing you can be certain of whenever there’s a new launch from Facebook there’s going to be a huge amount of speculation about what it means for digital marketers; but now they’ve made a stab at launching a search engine – there will be even more than usual.

First, let’s get the biggest caveat out the way, I’ve not used the search functionality yet, I’m on the beta waiting list, along with thousands of others, but I have poured over all the write ups including this excellent write up of the story behind by Steven Levy, which I think even tops his great piece about the launch of Google Plus. 

Despite that lack of practical experience of the new functionality, for the last couple of years I’ve thrown myself into understanding the Edgerank Algorithm, aka the rules that decide what appears in your newsfeed and come from a search marketing background. 

19 tools to improve your content marketing strategy

As we wave goodbye to 2012 and say hello to 2013, there’s a good chance, you, like many other people, have been working to put together a content marketing strategy for the new year.

No doubt you’ll have the objectives in place, created a well thought out strategy and work plan as long as your arm.  

It’s that last element I want to help you with in this blog post, by sharing a clutch of tools and services which will save you time, improve your results and give you the freedom to work on the creative aspects of your campaign.

51 essential link building tips

I’ve been fortunate enough to write over 275 blog posts across a variety of different SEO blogs, some have been successful, others have had more a lead balloon vibe. Often you have no idea beforehand which ones are going to work. 

But one pattern I’ve been able to discern is people love in-depth blog posts. So inspired by great posts, like Aaron Wall and Glen at Viperchill’s long-form posts, I wanted to produce my link building opus of as many ways I could think to build links for here on Econsultancy.

So below are some of my top tips that cover off pretty much every way you can go about building links…