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Six Black Friday trends we learned from performance marketing in 2015

With the dust settled on another record-breaking trading period, what does the underlying data tell us?

This year Affiliate Window’s publishers generated £100m in revenue for 1,600 UK and US retailers across the four day Black Friday weekend bookended by Cyber Monday. That’s a 46% hike in sales revenue for 2015.

Here are six underlying trends.

Is the role of the affiliate network changing?

Anyone working in affiliate marketing will tell you it’s a complex
channel. Typically the day to day grind of an affiliate network is to
try and make sense of this complexity, juggling priorities and
conflicting interests, resolutely performing the role of middleman and

Yet as the industry matures and grows in both value and influence, is the role of the affiliate network changing?

Attributing value in affiliate marketing

those working in affiliate marketing it genuinely feels after a handful
of false dawns that our £4bn industry is at a crossroads, poised to
develop genuinely more intelligent and intuitive commission modelling.

Affiliate marketing is at the coalface of online, premised on converting traffic to valid leads or confirmed sales. The past 15 years have seen a significant portion of online disciplines worked to cost per acquisition, falling within the remit of performance based marketing and rewarded on the same ‘last click wins’ discipline.

But as de-duplication becomes commonplace and analytics’ packages provide a wealth of data so the clamour for a ‘fairer’ reward system has gained momentum.