Krish Kumar

About Krish Kumar

Krish Kumar has more than 18 years of management experience in growing technology and digital media. Before joining BrightEdge as COO, Kumar helped drive Google’s Search Ads platform from fifth in the market to the market leader. Krish spent the last nine years at Google as the Global Head of Search in enterprise and the Head of Search marketing platform business. In this role, he led his team in developing a business model to improve customer results and increase profitability. Krish has a BE in Electrical Engineering from Sydney University and MBA from AGSM.

How SEOs can benefit from using AI and automation

Today, optimizing for search is optimizing your customer’s experience. As people query a search engine on their laptop, ask a voice assistant for help, or use their mobile device to find nearby solutions to their needs, brands must be positioned to appear in these critical decision-making moments.