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A handy six-month website migration plan

A site migration takes place when a website is re-vamped from some reason. This could be a new design or adopting a new CMS.

It is sometimes more complicated than it looks depending on the size of the website.

19 technical SEO considerations you should look at today

You already know things are changing in SEO, old tactics that worked perfectly in the past before don’t work now and more of the same old blah blah blah…

Yes, we all know all that. But now what?! How do I rank my keywords? How will I make the website better? How will I get the traffic and bring leads to my website?

If you want to rank your website on ‘one word’ and ‘two word’ (highly competitive) keywords, ask yourself a simple question, “Does your website deserve to hold the top rankings?”

If you said yes, then double check all the points highlighted below and you could be missing out on something. If you said no, well don’t just sit there, read the checklist! Apply the recommendations I have laid out below…

(P.S. A handy PDF checklist of the points below and our SEO Best Practice Guide are available to download for Econsultancy subscribers!)

Produce content for sales and branding

Two main things highlight a successful business online: attracting more visitors and engaging your audience.

Content is everywhere. It is not just limited to one industry, you need content to promote all kinds of products or services and to improvise a business online.

Content marketing is a clear pitch for branding as it directly deals with the audience, answer questions, clear their concepts or misconceptions and find an ideal way to show the brand presence.