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Three steps to keeping email marketing simple but effective

The online space has opened up creative avenues marketers could only have dreamt about.

While you’re thinking up the latest bells and whistles to make your emails stand out, consider a few simple steps that should form the building blocks of any successful campaign.

Quick wins can be gained from analysing the time you send your communications; finessing the sender address and subject line; and, most importantly, testing your messages. 

We know the power of one-to-one, but what about its value?

Defining ‘the value of email’ from both a marketer’s and a recipient’s perspective means being able to provide a unique customer experience in every message. 

Some of the responses to my last blog post are spot on: I particularly agree with the comment that customer experience is most important before or after a purchase is made, and another that said we should find out what customers want before launching a product.

Exactly the same is true of email marketing, and that’s the first channel that I want to explore in our multichannel customer journey.

Customer service: closing the loop shouldn’t mean knotting the noose

Customer service in the UK has become a vicious circle of frustration for consumers, brands and the middle-men of marketing services alike.

In fact, it’s not just a problem for the Brits, things aren’t much better back home in Australia. The issue has now extended way beyond store walls thanks to the multichannel shopping environment we live in today.

As I’ll explain in this post, closing the gap between smooth sales processes and customer satisfaction starts with targeted and relevant communications.