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Creative ways to use mobile in your email campaigns

Mobile email will soon be a thing of the past, it will soon just be email and the notion of mobile email will seem quaint like when people used to talk about “electronic mail”.

The point is that the tide has turned, more smartphones were sold in 2011 than desktops, there is no going back from that point, every bit of research out there shows that  more and more people are using non desktop devices to check email.

Our own research shows that tablets and smartphones rarely make up less than 50% of opens.

What to do if your ESP gets hacked

A couple of major online brands have had to send communications informing users that their data had been comprised, and in one instance it has been confirmed it was a breach at their email marketing service provider.

Are Apple’s emails really the ‘best ever’ email marketing?

I was inspired to write this post by a recent tweet I saw in reference to the iPad launch email stating that it was the “best email marketing ever,” when the email was in fact pretty mediocre.

Then when I looked at some of the other Apple emails I had received, I realised they could also do with some improvements so of course I had to throw some suggestions into the pot..

ISP filtering has changed: how will it affect email marketing?

Today’s musings are on
deliverability, more precisely how important Internet Service Providers
(ISPs) are to getting your precious email marketing campaigns into
recipient’s inboxes.

They’ve been changing how they monitor what is
spam and what isn’t, which means us marketers need to make sure we’re
on top of this and reacting accordingly.

[please enter subject line]

This article covers what I’ve learned from working with hundreds of
customers on improving the results that they get from email marketing
by optimising the subject line.

Whatever software you use for your email
campaigns, these tips are worth reading…

Why integrate your email marketing software?

“Marc have you got a minute?” It always starts that way, I take my headphones out of my ears slowly to try and emphasise my disdain at being interrupted from whatever I am doing…