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Six tips for an effective online press room

What happens when a journalist comes to your web site and tries to find information? Can they easily find what they need or instead, do they click off, and visit one of your competitors to get the info they need?

Your online press room should be an important component of your PR, sales and marketing plans. Your press room is open and working for you 24/7. Editors and writers often work late at night, on the weekends and holidays when your PR and marketing teams are not available. Your website and its press room have to be able to provide all the info needed.

Three secrets to improving your media coverage through editorial calendars

Many trade and industry publications, both print and web based, create and publish what are known as editorial calendars that provide an outline of what subjects and topics the magazine plans to cover in the next year or so. These editorial calendars – (known as ed cals) also provide an outline for their advertising and promotions department to go out and sell special issues, supplements, shows and conferences, etc.

Ed cals can be an extremely critical aspect of getting good public relations coverage for your company, its services and products. However, you need to do it right. You need to understand how each publication works its ed cal policies. Even within the publication, each editor might be differ regarding how they handle ed cal submissions and pitches. You need to make the contact and do the  follow-up in order to work with each publication’s and each editor’s preferences, topic selections and time frames.