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Why has the financial services sector been slow to adopt social?

For many organisations, social represents one of the most drastic changes in communications since the advent of email.

Savvy businesses now effectively use the power of social to interact with their customer bases, prospect for new business, deliver services and obtain customer and market insights.

Indeed, this shift in communication has led many large enterprises to employ teams of social experts, tasked with monitoring the social airwaves at all hours and in multiple languages.

Social media: the workflow challenge

What are the challenges of integrating social media into your business?

In this post, I’ll look at the obstacles that businesses encounter in fitting social media into their day-to-day activities without disrupting the workflow. 

Today’s consumers expect their brands to be social. They want to engage in a two-way conversation with organisations on their own terms and they want the businesses they like to be a constituent in their own personal brand.

And in return, this conversation makes them closer, more trusting and more loyal to a business. As a result, many organisations have seen this opportunity and have developed Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn presences with different degrees of detail and success.

However, this move to social has caused almost as many challenges for businesses as it has opportunities.