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UK public sector websites have room for improvement

Paying council tax can hardly ever be a pleasant experience. Are UK council websites doing their part to make this process as smooth as possible?

In order to find out, Realeyes
ran a test with 54 tax-payers, asking them to pay their council tax
online on 6 different council sites. All participants were eye-tracked
to gain objective measures about the user experience during the tax
payment process. The study identified both good and poor design
elements, wide ranging performance differences between councils and ‘banner blindness’ on some navigational items.

Argos beats competition with user-friendly web design

Everyone knows clear and easy to use design is important for web sites and pays well to have in the competitive online environment. How exactly to achieve that goal and how to measure the user friendliness of your web design is often much less clear…

Eye-tracking 2.0: it’s about users, not science

Eye-tracking has been used in web design for many years. However, the widespread preconception is that it takes PhD skilled technicians – plus long consulting hours – to make any sense or use of people’s eye gaze data.

The value from eye-tracking has been directly related to consultancy skills, but shouldn’t it be more about real users?