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Are financial service online communities effective?

Rob Cottingham comic stripOnline communities are a powerful tool. Get the strategy right and they can help to generate a major success story: get them wrong, and they fade into insignificance, if you are lucky! 

Historically, social media was seen as an anathema to businesses like banks.

Thankfully such narrow minded thinking is a thing of the past, but some businesses have gone too far in the other direction. 

Branch on the go: three key lessons from innovators in the tablet banking market

Banking is boring. We all know this as one of life’s truisms. It is also an activity you usually squeeze in at lunch time with a visit to a branch, or more recently conducted surreptitiously at work on your PC.

Now the arrival of the iPad has helped move banking transactions from a work based and PC-centric activity, to a “bank on the go” and now, more recently, “a branch on the go”, experience.

This is good news for banking and banks generally.

In what for most people has at best been a neutral experience and often less than that, the arrival of the tablet has revived some of the missing components of a pleasant banking experience.