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Search and the hidden elements of design

inside the towerThere’s been a lot of talk of late about the interaction of design and search. And with good reason. Much of what Panda was designed to look at includes design-centric elements.

Mobile SEO features design as one of it’s main components, and going forward in to the future, there’ll be more emphasis (one would suspect) on Google pushing up sites that deliver great user experience on a broad range of form factors over those which don’t.

However, if we consider design as the presentation, interface functionality and ordering of the elements of a user interface, then we’re potentially missing something.

While historically we’ve simply concerned ourselves with designing for users, and letting spiders pick up the content that we generate from the HTML on the page, we’re now entering an age where we’ll be creating and curating two sets of content: one visible to humans, and one marked up for machines.