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Six advanced ad text testing considerations

Your adverts and their messaging are integral to your PPC success. Like the campaign itself, they need constant optimisation, revision and testing.

Planning is probably the most important part of ad text testing. Without a solid plan you are simply going to stick a load of messages out there and see what comes back.

This can lead to unfair testing practices and ultimately, worse results.

Find out what you should be considering when it comes to ad text testing…

Springsteen shows why it’s positive to be negative with your PPC

Can you remember back to those days when you naively viewed the internet as an innocent playground of interesting things, before your outlook was forever sullied by initiation into the digital marketing community?

Before your blinkers were taken off and you realised that 95% of everything on the internet has been specifically put there – after a lot of thought, time and investment, I might add – to make money?

Four often overlooked factors in PPC advertising

Yorkshire in March 2013 When planning and optimising PPC advertising, it’s important to look at how external factors can effect its success. 

In this post I’ll look at some oft-overlooked factors which can affect the success of your PPC campaigns.

Five important PPC trends

The PPC (pay per click) landscape is continually changing as Google introduces new features, and advertisers become more savvy with regards to the customer information that they’re tracking, and more accomplished at processing and extracting insights from that wealth of data.

Here are five key areas that I am predicting will have an increasing amount of impact on our PPC activities in the year ahead.

Google anti-trust ruling: the implications

Widely heralded as a victory for Google, the recent outcome of the American Federal Trade Commission’s exhaustive 19-month investigation into allegations of anti-competitive practices nevertheless contains at least one point that should have some (minor but beneficial) impact on the PPC marketplace in the near future.

My 2013 Google AdWords wishlist

AdWords has made some giant steps forwards in 2012, but I still have a fairly substantial list of additional features that I would like to see soon.

So here I present my AdWords wishlist for 2013:

Should I be bidding on my brand terms?

This is one of the most common questions you’ll get asked as a PPC account manager.

Some clients are adamant that you shouldn’t ever do it, whereas others understand the value and the reasons behind the decision to do it.

In the following post I will explore several different reasons why you may or may not wish to bid on brand terms.