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Social commerce: merchandising for a new generation of stars & fans

Social media stars have always been keen on merchandising and fully understood its value to their business (especially when their content is free).

But now, we’re seeing a change in their understanding of how merchandise can raise their brand awareness. It’s not just about selling, well, maybe not at first.

For online stars, merchandise can be a way of spreading cool ideas, new designs or just general silliness with their fans.

How does internationalisation work for online retailers?

If 95% of success is showing up then in online retail business the arrival of good platforms, cheap translation services and global banking means pretty much anyone can ‘show up’.

The service can be transferred into the new market, the website translated, the new currency added and you’re ready to sell to the new region.

Window shopping has gone virtual. Are you ready?

36% of the top 100 brand sites in the UK have not been optimised for mobile and yet we’re seeing window shopping going virtual.

So if your mobile site isn’t ready, you’re missing out on the first stage of the buying process.

Even if shoppers don’t trust their touch-screen devices enough to make the final purchase via a mobile connection, they are definitely using it to browse, share and fill up their baskets.

Will Bitcoin have a positive impact on ecommerce?

I was raised in the UK, so it’s perhaps not surprising that I used to feel that any currency without a picture of the Queen on it was not real money.  

Now having lived in the Eurozone and America, I have liberalised, but I seriously question whether our customers need a currency like Bitcoin.

Will Google Glass be good for ecommerce?

Google Glass, if you haven’t heard much about it yet, is a wearable computer that looks like a pair of futuristic sunglasses.

You can use it like your smartphone to get directions, check flight information or any other task that you might ask a computer to do.

While some hail it as being the device of the future, I wonder what the purpose of it is, and whether it is a good new opportunity for ecommerce.

Facebook’s Graph Search: will it save f-commerce?

As the CEO of an ecommerce business with over 2,000 shops on Facebook, I have a unique perspective on Facebook selling.

After two years of testing, my company sees fewer sales from our global Facebook presence than from orders originating in New Zealand, where we don’t have a marketing or sales presence, or a country-specific website.

Quite frankly, Facebook has been underwhelming for sales generation.