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The slow death of the homepage

The slow death of the homepage is underway, in the sense that there no longer is a “home” page i.e. a page that acts as the only entranceway for visitors to access a website and its vast content.

The emergence of side doors generated through search engines, social media, mobile devices and more has morphed the homepage into a way for companies to brand themselves online rather than act solely as an access point.

Converting the mobile online shopper

Now that mobile access is essentially ubiquitous, the leading ecommerce sites have incorporated responsive website design to ensure a seamless user experience between devices.

However, the conversion rates on mobile continue to lag significantly, and now we are left to deliver on this next frontier of mobile.

Using human motivation to assess website optimization

When evaluating the influence and quality of your website, sometimes it helps to take a step back and prioritize the site’s fundamental needs from the ground up.

Often times we get so entangled in optimization tactics that we don’t realize that the most vital elements of our websites can be what’s hindering its performance.

Before you start investing a lot of time and energy into improving advanced characteristics of the website, it’s important to ensure the most basic needs are met.

Mapping web optimization priorities in an anthropomorphic manner can help to understand the best way to prioritize website improvements.