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How can NLP technology be used for marketing?

Humans are born with hardwired neural connections for acquiring and understanding language. 

Teaching computers to understand language is one of the grand challenges of artificial intelligence and requires modeling of vocabulary, grammars, and most importantly semantics, or meaning. 

Current approaches to natural language processing (NLP) combine both linguistic or grammatical approaches as well as machine learning techniques. Venture capitalists and private equity firms are positioning NLP as a multi-billion dollar industry. 

In this piece I intend to explore the reasons for the intense interest in this field, and its relevance to marketing. 

Amazon and the age of personalised marketing

Anyone who has shopped online, read a news article online, or is engaged in social media has interacted with recommendation systems in some form or another.  

The one that immediately comes to mind is Amazon, the juggernaut online retailer and the largest internet company in the US.

The ‘response to buying suggestions’ that Amazon offers its customers is said to generate an additional 10% to 30% in revenue for the business.