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What you’re doing isn’t content marketing (or, at least, it’s not good)

Thousands of marketers are now born-again content marketers (the palm print of well-known content marketing evangelists still visible on their foreheads). A study published this week said 95% of UK marketers “do content marketing”.

It’s a milepost. 

From the dark art of bloggers to the secret sauce of edgy digital marketers, content marketing’s now evolved into ‘putting copy garnish on your website’.

The million-dollar content marketing question

Million-Dollar Content Marketing QuestionNo product was ever more content marketed than content marketing itself. And it worked. Marketers are diving in.

But the ideas that spawned the discipline that created the movement also generated a pile-up of content marketing suppliers, and it’s still growing like topsy.

With supply evolving so rapidly, how are marketers to choose a content marketing partner?

That’s the million-dollar content marketing question.

Marketing automation: the rocket science of B2B marketing

It’s the ultimate marketing weapon. No wonder we have a guilty conscience.

To past generations of marketers, marketing automation is the equivalent of a lunar landing. Imagine a JFK Jr. CMO speaking at a marketing convention ca. 2005:

“Within a decade, we shall be able to determine exactly who does what with our web-page, our on-site and off-site content and our email campaigns. We shall be able to track our prospects’ activity, and bring them back safely to valuable content and propositions that suit their specific needs and experiences. Then measure our impact on the bottom line”.

Well, we’re there. It’s called marketing automation.

Yes, you can buy a like (and you just might want to)

Always the masters of the arts of deception and misdirection, what’s to keep marketers from gaming social metrics for short-term gain?

What follows is an exploration and a survey of the grey zone in social media and marketing. (In other words, if you’re a social media idealist, this would be the time to look away.)

Be advised I am not some “black tie social” promoter espousing nefarious shortcuts to online greatness; I work for a digital marketing agency – the kind that helps B2B companies produce the virtuous stuff that makes them gain social influence organically, if a bit more slowly.

For this piece, I just want to investigate how marketers’ social mores are evolving.