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How to make blogging for photographers more than a photo shoot

It’s hard for some photography businesses to picture what they might say on a blog, but to succeed with inbound marketing, they must!

Photographers must work very hard in order to establish any real difference between their work and the services offered by the other millions of photography websites.

How a new technology could turbocharge content marketing

Anyone near the world of content marketing understands the importance of writing. Well-chosen words strung together with care are the heart of any modern SEO strategy.

Current and topical writing in blog posts help businesses become relevant for current and prospective customers. 

If you are one of those people, you probably also understand one other hard truth: A lot of the stuff we write doesn’t really get read. People are busy, and it’s hard to pay attention to a whole blog post and certainly a whole book with everything else clamoring for attention.

But what if a reader could read, and totally comprehend, a 300-word post in 30 seconds? Before that truck commercial is over, the whole blog is read.