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What’s the optimum length for my online video?

It’s a question I’ve been asked for decades, but in a world where we can measure almost everything, do we finally have the definitive answer?

It used to be that clients wanted to get as much into their (potentially expensive) video as possible – to ‘really make the most of it’.

B2B video marketing: five tips for better results

Although happily it’s getting rarer, I’ve been to many pitches where the client has insisted we can’t do anything too exciting with video as ‘it’s just B2B’ – it’s incredibly frustrating.

As though the mysterious B2B audience live in a warehouse somewhere, never exposed to the latest James Bond movies or clever Meerkat-based advertising.

Five tips for producing video content in-house

There are so many options when it comes to video production, and with equipment costs now so low, should you be producing your video in-house?

Of course I am biased – I have been producing video content for clients all over the world for 15 years.

Five helpful tips for YouTube pre-roll ads

So you already have your content. Hopefully it was well researched and will have an amazing effect on your audience when they see it.

But you aren’t happy just to wait for some magical social or viral result though, you want to give it a push, get it out there and see results now.