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Why specialists might be hampering innovation in digital transformation

The road to digital transformation is paved with innovation. Or, at least, the acceptance of an innovation mindset. 

Some of our clients call this “intrapreneurship” and some follow the Google 10% model, where time is set aside specifically for ideation and exploration of new products and approaches. Failure is often rewarded. In fact, one of our financial services clients has a “fail fast goal” that is measured as part of performance goals.

How to use Big Data to start small

The big promise of big data for marketers is to be able to use all the data we have. By looking at all the information, big data allows us to explore minute details without the risk of blurriness.

in theory, sampling (which always lost detail because it is a proxy for the full data set) and guesswork go away, we can analyse all the data for every customer and prospect, and provide that customer experience nirvana of just the right offer at just the right time.

If that feels like a big change for you, then start small. Attribution, one of the most persistent of marketing challenges, can be a great area to apply big data for immediate results, and ROI.