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Four ways IGO4 is overcoming structural marketing challenges

Budget insurance has a unique set of reputation issues. It’s because of the structure of the marketplace which creates certain practices that make budget insurance brokers look like the ‘Ryanair’ of insurance.

Most budget insurance is sold through comparison sites and for anyone who has been on these sites, the prominent providers are the ones who offer the lowest price for the best cover. So brokers like Igo4 have created insurance products especially for this situation.

So when a motorist has to have insurance because it’s a legal requirement, they will often just go for the cheapest product that keeps them from being pulled up by the police.

The catch with this huge emphasis on cost, is something has to ‘give’. In the case of budget insurers  it is usually service and coverage levels.

How to identify and fix Google Panda in 2012

Google’s Panda update was a direct attack on bad content, which comes in many different flavours, including duplicate, weak, thin and template. 

Panda acts like a domain wide penalty, so your whole site is affected and your good pages are dragged down by your bad pages.

This is a guide on how to find and fix Google’s Panda algorithm update, based on our Panda fighting experience at SEOgadget in 2011.

Five videos of five actions clients can take with Google Analytics

There is a lot to communicate in modern marketing and our methods haven’t kept up with the times. I often find myself giving trying to solve problems by phone and email; methods which turn out to be unnecessarily time consuming and open to miscommunication 

I want to show a different way to communicate analytics actions to a client. I use a tool called Screenr. It is a simple desktop video capture service, like a Flip camera for your desktop.

Using Screenr I find I can very quickly communicate and educate around specific topics. It is perfect for clearly showing clients how to take control of analytics.

I have put together five videos of five actions clients often need to do with their own analytics, to show you how powerful a quick video communication tool can be and provide inspiration for making your own.