Tim Dunton

About Tim Dunton

I am MD of Nimbus Hosting. I’ve been working in web hosting for more than 20 years and in that time I’ve seen a huge amount of change. It’s been an evolution, not just in what the hosting industry offers, but in what creative agencies need, want and demand.

When I built Nimbus Hosting back in 2011, I wanted us to step up to those demands – and go way beyond them. So, rather that seeing customer service as supporting our core hosting offer, we see it as the most important part of our business. Because it undeniably is.

Today I’m proud to be MD of a thriving team who take away our customers’ headaches, free up their time and make their lives easier. As part of that, we’ve developed our own in-house hosting platform, STORM. Smart, simple and intuitive, it’s specifically designed to help agencies focus on the great creative work they love.