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Three sales enablement marketing techniques

The gap between sales and marketing isn’t as huge an issue as it used to be.

Technology is certainly making things easier, with lead scoring and collaboration tools enabling sales to get involved with the marketing process.

Three effective LinkedIn marketing techniques

As a B2B marketer, I’m always looking to LinkedIn as my social media channel of choice (other than Twitter, of course). 

LinkedIn operates in a way that cultivates communities around certain professions and industries, and for B2B marketers this can be gold, when done well.

Five important channels for effective content distribution

The 80/20 rule is incredibly useful. As marketers, for example, it can help show us what we should be focusing our efforts on and what we should either automate or ditch altogether.

While convenient, there’s also an uglier side. For instance, when it comes to content marketing, many marketers spend 80% of their time crafting the perfect piece of content, while only 20% of their time distributing it.

Connecting with and selling to the C-Suite

When I first started exploring C-suite marketing the CEO of our company, James Harris, told me of a conversation he once had with a top performing salesperson. 

The jist of it was that, among the various elements of selling, likeability was what they rated the lowest.

When James pressed on for more information, this is what they said:

Gain trust from the C-suite by being independent

If you’re currently marketing to C-Suite executives and other senior decision makers, you already know how hard it is to generate the sort of sales pipeline that could yield six to seven figures for your organisation. 

The difficulty comes in building credibility for your brand, establishing trust with the C-Suite and delivering value before ever trying to sell them anything.

In this article I want to shine some light on a huge mistake that most marketers make when connecting with senior decision makers.

It involves the positioning of your message, attachments to your brand and how being independent is the key to fixing this problem.

Before we dive into this let’s take a look at how selling to the C-Suite is different from your average sales process. The key lies in doing the exact opposite of how most selling is done.