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Wesley Parker

About Wesley Parker

Wesley Parker is MD at Clicteq.

How weather-based bidding can help travel brands increase bookings

The effect of weather on purchasing decisions can be significant, especially in the travel sector, where travel companies see sales for overseas holidays soar when the weather here in the UK is poor.

Reacting to these changes in supply and demand in real time is key to maximising profitability and ensuring visibility in high conversion periods.


Four Google Adwords scripts that retailers can use to supercharge their summer sales

With the summer sales fast approaching it’s time to start gearing up in Google Ads.

In this post I’m going to share with you four great Adwords scripts that will help you increase conversion rates and make sure you’re responding to external factors that affect if a sale will take place, like weather conditions and if your TV ads are being shown at the same time users are searching for your brand online.