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Four top tips on scaling for seasonal surges

Valentin's Flowers

For six weeks each year, I have to transform Arena Flowers into one that delivers 40 to 50 times its usual volume to cope with the surge in orders for Valentine Flowers and Mother’s Day.

This is how we cope with this extra demand… 

Three months in: the new Cap Code and online business

Anyone in the online marketing space from large, million-pound retail sites to a retired teacher who sells animal portraits are subject to new and changing regulations, updates and directives.

The responsibility to understand these new regulations now falls not just on those marketing online, you now just have to be online.

How should a young company approach social media marketing?

“We should be doing something with Twitter/ Facebook. What’s our strategy in this channel?!” is something on the minds of a lot of webby companies’ managers. 

Knowing what to do besides setting up a page and profile and then seeing what happens next can be difficult when many of the success stories bandied about are from brands with huge marketing budgets, legions of staff, millions of existing customers and a PR agency frothing excitedly at the mouth.