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Automotive transformation: How commerce capability is breaking down 100 years of business silos

The connected car requires a big transition at OEMs, including new commerce capability to be able to engage seamlessly with customers through sales, after-sales, and in-car commerce.

Chatting with cars: How the automotive industry is using conversational AI

Automotive brands and dealerships alike are using conversational AI across a variety of channels, from Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp to their websites and even within cars. We take a look at some stand-out examples.

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Headshot of Stuart Hodge holding a large umbrella

‘Change has never been faster’ in automotive: Poppins’ Stuart Hodge

Stuart Hodge is SVP Automotive at Poppins, a digital creative agency with a focus on the automotive sector. Hodge was previously CEO and Founder at specialist automotive and change management agency Y2Change, which was acquired by Poppins in January. He spoke to Econsultancy about the challenges of working in a sector that “moves faster than […]


14 examples of augmented reality brand experiences

Augmented reality has surged in the headlines of late with the release of Apple’s Vision Pro headset and Meta teasing a potential rollout of AR glasses as it marks the 10-year anniversary of its VR/AR outfit, Meta Reality Labs. If augmented reality headsets and eyewear become more commonplace, brands and entertainment companies may take the […]

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