may think that Web 2.0 is “rubbish
, but B2B journalists are increasingly turning to blogs and other forms of online media for information and ideas, according to a new survey.

It found that 80% would use blogs as primary or secondary sources, while many use podcasts and RSS feeds for inspiration.

Arketi Group, a PR consultancy, surveyed 61 US B2B journalists and found that six in ten spent more than 20 hours a week online.


  • A quarter said that blogs made their jobs easier, while 46% got involved by leaving comments on blogs.
  • As for using blogs as sources, 20% had already done so while 18% had done but reported it as a rumour. Eighteen percent said they would if the informationn was confirmed by an independent source, while a further 16% only trusted blogs from a ‘reliable’ news source. Only 2% said they would never use blogs as sources.

News sources

  • Ninety percent used industry sources and press releases for story ideas, 79% found ideas on newswires, 74% from websites, and 54% from blogs. 

Credible sources of information

  • International organisations (89%)
  • Government agencies (85%)
  • Corporate websites (85%)
  • PR professionals (77%)
  • Activist websites (41%)
  • Blogs (41%)
  • Politicians (35%)
  • Chat, message boards (18%)

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