Search Labs requires all staff members to produce content based on their area of expertise, it’s not just about the marketing team. 

And to prove how content can impact SEO performance, in the week’s leading up to Funnel Readman’s team produced an infographic that gave advice and information on ecommerce in Russia.

It’s a timely topic as many UK businesses are currently aiming to expand internationally and it’s also relevant to Search Laboratory as it provides international SEO services.

A Google search for ‘ecommerce in Russia’ reveals that Search Lab’s own site is way down in 17th place on page two (though it’s page one for PPC), however the infographic appears in the top three places for natural search as it’s hosted on third-party sites.

These posts all contain links back to Search Labs, which gives it an SEO boost but also directs people interested in Russian ecommerce back to the agency.

One of the sites was our own ecommerce blog, which means that the infographic has been tweeted to our 150,000 followers.


The hard bit of achieving this exposure is obviously the outreach that comes after you’ve produced the content.

Readman said this requires a well-executed programme and process that begins with research into what your audience wants and who the key influencers are.

By analysing the kind of content these people are sharing and also evaluating competitor brands, businesses can develop a content strategy that will hopefully appeal to the target audience. 

Similarly, referencing key influencers or asking them to contribute to content or research increases the chances that they will share the content with their community and link back to your site. This will then encourage others to share it, which hopefully creates additional links, and so on.

Collecting the data

Search Labs hosted the infographic on its own site, which allows it to capture data from those people who come through to the landing page.

There are two separate data capture forms, one for newsletter sign up and the other to request a call back.