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B2B Content Marketing Best Practice Guide

1. Introduction ‘Content shock’[1] is real: the volume of B2B (and B2C) content is now outweighing our human capacity to consume it. However, content marketing can still present an immense opportunity for B2B businesses. When executed effectively, it can be a powerful engagement tool for fostering loyalty, lead generation and sales, and for conveying the […]

Overcoming B2B Digital Marketing Challenges Best Practice Guide

Introduction Digitisation is rapidly changing B2B businesses and it is crucial that companies transform and respond to these challenges. According to McKinsey,[1] “Turning your company into a top quartile B2B digital player can increase revenue by 3.5%.” Econsultancy’s Digital Outlook report for 2019 explains that the next five years will be challenging for B2B marketers. […]

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B2B Social Media Strategy Best Practice Guide

1. Introduction This guide has been written to complement Econsultancy’s Social Media Advertising Best Practice Guide, Social Media Platforms Overview, Social Media Platforms Trends Report and Social Selling Best Practice Guide. The purpose of this guide is to provide a framework for developing a B2B social media strategy, as well as a summary of the […]

B2B marketing and commerce trends in 2021: what do the experts predict?

What do the experts foresee in 2021 in B2B marketing and commerce? We asked former RS Components CDO Guy Magrath, as well as Econsultancy author and agency new biz expert Ben Potter, and our own marketing manager, Thea Luca.

How digital is shaping customer experiences in B2B

From an increase in self-serve and personalised experiences to the rise of live chat and marketplaces, here’s how digital technologies are transforming the customer experience in B2B.

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B2B Social Selling Strategy Best Practice Guide

1. Introduction Social media has grown exponentially. In January 2020, there were 3.80 billion social media users, with this number increasing by more than 9% (with 321 million new users) since January 2019.[1] But the term is misleading: social media has become as important for business as it has for social interaction, reflecting the changing […]

The Digital Outlook: What’s hot for marketers in 2019?

Introduction Welcome to the first Digital Outlook report published by Econsultancy. This hype-free report draws on expert opinion in industry, as well as our research, to pick out topics that marketers may not have engaged with in 2018, but perhaps should do in 2019. The topics discussed are mostly tactical, highlighting emerging technology and processes […]


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The story of a 3-year digital transformation at Electrocomponents, taking it to a top-5 growth stock in the FTSE 250

The response to Covid-19 has accelerated trends towards digital with 59% of UK CEOs having digital transformation of core business operations and processes as a top three priority (PWC, Aug ’20). Econsultancy asked Guy Magrath, former Chief Digital Officer (CDO) at Electrocomponents plc, to summarize the recent digital transformation of Electrocomponents, the impacts of such a transformation, and most importantly how it was done and the role he played at the time as the company’s CDO.

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