Badoo, the social network dedicated to chatting, flirting and meeting people in your area, is officially launching in the US this month. Though it already has six million members registered in the States, the London based company hasn’t tackled this overseas market until now.

Instead of hitting multiple cities with its launch, the company has focused on New York as its first city to tackle. It is taking an integrated marketing approach with a campaign that kicked off last week in Soho with a 1,000-person photo shoot to help people achieve their ultimate profile picture.

We headed down to see the Badoo crew on the first day of the event and spoke with Badoo CMO, Jessica Powell.

The three-day photo shoot will result in 24 photos chosen to grace billboards and print ads and an online competition for two of those to be selected by other Badoo users.

The pickup from the initial event has been quite small, but as it was focused on a limited number of guests, the upcoming weeks will show whether or not this will be successful. If Badoo does find success in New York, this is the type of campaign that could easily be replcated in other major cities across the US.