The BBC today launched the new drag and drop-tastic version of its homepage, packed with Web 2.0 features and the ability to customise content.

New BBC homepage

Compared with its previous, relatively cluttered homepage, the new version is nice and clean, with plenty of space for the content and bigger, bolder text.

At the moment though, there is a big, blank space in the middle of the page. This can be filled up by customising the page, but it looks a bit odd:

BBC homepage blank space

Just about everything on the new page can now be customised. Entering your town or postcode will ensure that relevant local news and weather is displayed, and you can add or remove the content you wish to see.

BBC homepage customisation options  

If you don’t like the default green colour scheme, you can also change this:

BBC homepage colour scheme

All content on the page is customisable and you can add and remove the categories you prefer:

BBC homepage customise content

This can also be done within the individual modules so, within news, you can select the types of news content you prefer to see. These modules can also be dragged around the page.

BBC homepage - customise modules

With this new design, the previous navigation options have changed, so users have the choice of finding their way through the site via the modules on display, or via the footer:

Footer naviagtion

This does improve the look of the site, but some users are likely to find the new navigation confusing for a while. Normally, the main navigation works better at the top of the page.

When the beta version of the page was introduced late last year, it was criticised for the chunkiness of the text, and the fact that much of the content was hidden below the fold as the main image was too big.

These criticisms have been dealt with, and both the fonts and the main image have been reduced in size.

Overall though, the new design looks excellent, and by cutting down on the number of links, the page is now much easier to read as well as more appealing to look at.

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