The BBC and the Open Source Consortium (OSC) have met to discuss concerns surrounding the iPlayer, which is only compatible with Windows XP.

The OSC was looking for assurances from the BBC that the iPlayer would be made available for users of other platforms. They say that around 25% of internet users would be excluded from using the iPlayer as things stand.

According to The Register, the members of the BBC Trust were surprised at the strength of feeling over the issue, and issued a statement saying that the corporation was committed to making the iPlayer available to Linux and Mac users ‘within a reasonable period’.

The BBC has also faced criticism via a petition on the Downing Street website, calling for the government to prevent the BBC launching the service exclusively for Windows users. More than 10,000 people have signed the petition so far.  

The OSC has also threatened to submit a formal complaint to the EC over the issue.

The iPlayer, which will allow users to catch up on the last seven days’ TV, will be launched in open beta on Friday.