Social network Bebo is partnering with Photobucket, Rockyou and Slide to offer the site’s users the ability to add simple, secure and viral widgets to their profiles.

For the first time, Bebo users can select photos from their personal profiles, create their widget of choice, and display it on their Bebo profile with a series of simple clicks.

Bebo only allows widgets from the three approved providers, and displays the widgets in iframes hosted on a separate URL, to prevent access to the rest of the page.

Jim Scheinman of Bebo emphasised the importance of security:

“It’s exciting to open up Bebo to our widget partners but we haven’t rushed into doing this, as the security and end user experience has been paramount.

We have taken our time to find ‘best of breed’ partners to be able to deliver preeminent products to the market in a secure way to meet the needs of our users.”

Users can visit RockYou, Slide, and Photobucket and select slideshows to be displayed in their Bebo widgets.

The widgets are intended to be viral, so Bebo’s system gives users the ability to add any public widget to their own profile with two clicks.

This seems to be a smart move from Bebo – Mashable reports that the network’s users created 100,000 widgets in the first 12 hours.

Bebo was the most popular search term on Google in 2006, with rival social network site MySpace coming second.

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