Yesterday evening I appeared on BBC’s prime time TV show Watchdog to talk about an eBay story. During the show they displayed our site’s URL on screen.

So I was intrigued to see this morning how much traffic that might have created to our site…

last night had a story about eBay which I was asked on to the show to comment on.

Watchdog, gets around 5 million viewers according to BARB.

So, apart from giving my relatives something to talk about, I was intrigued to see how many of those 5 million viewers might visit our website as our web address (URL) was shown on screen.

Below is a graph showing’s unique user traffic yesterday.

Our URL went on air around 7.20pm.

E-consultancy Traffic Referrals from BBC's Watchdog

Based on previous traffic patterns I think we can safely say that my appearance drove at least 50 unique users to our site!

So, out of 5,000,000 that’s an impressive 0.001% view through rate…

And no conversions / sales.

So much for multi-tasking and multi-channel marketing 😉

Ashley Friedlein