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Ben Davis is editor of the Econsultancy blog. He lives in Manchester, England.

top 25 blog posts of 2019

The top 25 Econsultancy blog posts of 2019

The year is coming to a close, with continued unease about data collection and targeting, heaps of sentiment we call ‘brand purpose’, confusion about real-time bidding and EU regulation, a feeling in some quarters of ’emperor’s new clothes’ about personalisation and customer experience, and that’s just the good news!

asad dhunna

A day in the life of… Asad Dhunna, Founder of The Unmistakables

Asad Dhunna is Founder at The Unmistakables, producing award-winning culture and communications made by minorities. We caught up with him to hear about what it takes to start your own thing… Please describe your job: What do you do? I run The Unmistakables, a cultural consultancy made up of minorities. We work with organisations who […]

neil perkin

Neil Perkin on writing his new book, Agile Transformation

Neil Perkin is one of Econsultancy’s most experienced and thought leading consultants. Having just written his second book, Agile Transformation: Structures, Processes and Mindsets for the Digital Age, we caught up with him to ask a few questions about the nature of digital transformation. Why did you write the book? Digital transformation is front and […]

A day in the life of… Jessica Dannemann, CMO of Episerver

Jessica Dannemann of Episerver is an experienced marketing leader who describes her two most important skills as “bullshit detection and time management.” This is a ‘day in the life’ you don’t want to miss… Please describe your job: What do you do? Jessica Dannemann: As SVP and chief marketing officer at Episerver my job includes […]

sarah bird

A day in the life of… Sarah Bird, CEO of Moz

Sarah Bird is CEO of Moz. She sets the company strategy and drives execution. She also regularly speaks about entrepreneurship, business models, search marketing, women in tech, and fostering an inspiring company culture. We caught up with Bird to get some insight into her day-to-day role at Moz. Please describe your job: What do you […]