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Ben Davis is editor of the Econsultancy blog. He lives in Manchester, England.

luca lazzaron

A day in the life of… Chief Revenue Officer at Sprinklr

Sprinklr calls itself the world’s #1 social suite, helping brands with social listening across 350 million sources of public data. The platform has a range of functionality, allowing management of social engagement, advertising, advocacy and customer care. Luca Lazzaron is Chief Revenue Officer and perfectly placed to give us some insight into life at an […]

lucy walker eight&four

A day in the life of… Audience Director at eight&four

Funnily enough, many of our most interesting interviewees in our ‘day in the life’ feature come from creative agencies. And Lucy Walker, Audience Director at eight&four, is no exception. Here’s what she does with her time, with plenty of sage advice thrown in. If you want to take part, too, why not get in touch? […]

angel maldonado

A day in the life of… Founder of Empathy, search and nav specialists

Angel Maldonado is the founder of search and navigation specialists, Empathy, which pairs site search software with interfaces. We asked him what it takes to run a successful company in this space, and just what does success mean anyway? Please describe your job: What do you do? Angel Maldonado: As the founder, most of my […]