We’ve interviewed nearly 100 industry experts this year on various topics, from affiliate marketing to web analytics.

I’ve gathered together our interviews on the subject of social media…

Dell’s Richard Binhammer on selling via Twitter
Richard talks about Dell’s sales stats on Twittter, and the company’s approach to social media measurement.

Shel Israel talks about Twitter
I recently talked to Shel about how businesses, large and small, are using Twitter.

Pluck’s Stephanie Himoff on social media for publishers
Stephanie talks about the company’s social media tools, and how publishers can use user generated content to drive traffic and increase engagement.

Sienne Velt on Marks & Spencer’s social media strategy
Business Development Manager Sienne Veit talks about the changes that Marks & Spencer has implemented and the impact of social media on the brand.

Nick Halstead, CEO of Tweetmeme
Nick talks about Twitter, and tracking links from the site.

Kevin Eyres of LinkedIn
LinkedIn’s European MD Kevin Eyres talks about the growth of the company and its future plans.

Duncan Riley on the evolution of blogging
Duncan talks about how the blogosphere has evolved in the past few years, and where things might be heading in the future.

JD Lasica, founder of Socialmedia.biz
JD participated in the Traveling Geeks roundtables hosted by Econsultancy and Patricio spoke with him about social media, the impact it’s having and the fate of mainstream media.

Pete Cashmore of Mashable on social media and blogging
Mashable’s CEO and founder talks about Twitter, blogging and social media.

Yelp London Community Manager Laura Nestler
Patricio Robles talked to Laura about  Yelp’s efforts in the UK, how it can be used by businesses and where the company is headed.

Shilen Patel on ‘Festival Annual’ and social media
Shilen talks about “the world’s first user-generated book.”

Posterous co-founder Sachin Agarwal
Chris Lake talked to Sachin about the blogging web app…

Steve Snyder of Frontier Airlines on the challenges of social media
Meghan spoke to Steve about what Frontier is doing in the social media space, and the problems with
assuming that companies need to use Twitter for customer service

Lesley Eccles of Huddub and FanDuel
Aliya Zaidi talked to Lesley about some of the challenges associated with marketing through social media,
as well as the potential opportunities for start-ups operating in this

Maura Curtin of Social Media Advertising Consortium
Rebecca Lieb talked to Maura about the newly-formed SMAC.

First Direct’s Lisa Wood on its social media campaign
I spoke to Lisa from First Direct, winners of two Innovation Awards, about its recent social media campaign.

Gary Vaynerchuk on branding and the new thank you economy
Gary on how he built his business on social media and why successful people who advise against working hard are lying.

Barry Fenning – A Twitter case study for SMEs
Barry on how social media can help make a difference to small businesses.

The marketing duo behind New York’s social media hotel
Adam Wallace and Brian Simpson talk about the most social media savvy hotel in New York

Michael Lazerow on the future of social media branding
Michael talks about what works for brands in social media and who should get canned for their lack of effort in the space.

Kodak’s Jeffrey Hayzlett on Twankers and Kodak’s social media presence
Meghan Keane talked to Jeffrey about how Kodak is using Twitter and what brands are missing out on when they forgo social media as a customer service tool.

Andrew Keen on the death of Facebook and the future of the web
Andrew talks about the ‘death’ of Web 2.0

Steve Heyes of LearnAsOne on using Twitter for charity
Steve used blogs and Twitter to promote a scheme to build a community school in Zambia.

Matthew Yeomans on social media measurement
Matthew talks the challenges of social media measurement.