We’ve interviewed nearly 100 industry experts this year on various topics, from affiliate marketing to web analytics.

I’ve already gathered together all of our interviews on e-commerce and social media, here is the best of the rest…

Online advertising

Silence Media’s Lee Henshaw on CPE v CPM
Lee Henshaw talks about why he thinks that all banner advertising will use this CPE model within the next two years.

MediaEquals CEO Gary Goodman on centralising media trading
Gary talks to Meghan Keane about the company’s online trading platform.

Unilever’s Noam Buchalter on crowdsourcing Peperami ads
I talked to Noam, Marketing Manager for Unilever’s Marmite, Bovril, Pot Noodle, and Peperami brands about the reasons behind the decision to crowdsource its ads. 

Richard Spalding on the 7th Chamber on viral marketing
Richard talks about the sale of Kontrabrand and viral marketing in general.

Eric Frenchman, Chief Internet Strategist at Connell Donatelli
Patricio Robles talked to Eric about his experiences in managing the online campaign of US presidential candidate John McCain.

Affiliate Window CEO Kevin Brown
Kevin talks about the sale of the business to Axel Springer and PubliGroupe, and current trends in affiliate marketing.

Web analytics

Dennis Mortensen on Yahoo Analytics
Dennis talks about the current state of analytics, how Yahoo fits in and why people should stop comparing Yahoo’s analytics product with Google’s.


Ed Stevenson of Marin Software on paid search
I talked to Ed about his predictions for the paid search market, and the impact of the Microsoft / Yahoo partnership.

Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz
Rand talks about the 2009 Ranking Factors report, the dilemma of paid links and how social media is changing SEO.


Miles Shipside on Rightmove’s iPhone app
Miles talked about the development of the property site’s recent iPhone app.

Claire Boonstra, co-founder of Layar
Patricio spoke to Claire to learn more about Layar and the business potential of augmented reality.

Online video

Rob Colling on online video subtitling
Rob talks about how he can make online video more accessible and SEO friendly.

Nick Bell on the opportunities offered by online video
Jake Hird talked to Nick, co-founder of the interactive video platform, Quick.tv.


Xenios Thrasyvoulou of PeoplePerHour.com
I talked to Xenios about his site, labelled the ‘eBay for business’.

Rob Mosley on 24HRStartup
Agencies Nonsense and White October conceived and created an online startup in a sleepless 24 hour period, before selling the resulting business on eBay.

Andy Hobsbawm and James Alexander from Green Thing
I asked Andy and James about Green Thing’s approach to marketing and social media.

Bill Fischer of TwitterJobSearch
TwitterJobSearch is a natural language search engine that reviews all of the tweets about jobs to identify which ones are offers of employment.

Dane Atkinson, CEO of Squarespace
Patricio talked to Dane about the Squarespace’s viral Twitter marketing campaign.

lastminute.com’s Marko Balabonovic on innovation
Marko talks about the Innovation team at lastminute.com and the products it has released so far.

Robin Brattel of Inapub.co.uk
Robin on Inapub, a website that lists events happening at local pubs.

Tom Harrow on childcare search site Findababysitter.com
Tom talks about the site, which allows parents to search for nannies and childminders in
their local area, and to advertise on the site when they require
childminding services.

Lingo24 founder Christian Arno
Christian on the challenges of translating sales and marketing messages for foreign language audiences.


Rex Hammock, co-founder of Hammock Inc
Patricio talked to Rex about the state of the magazine industry, what the internet means
to print publishers today, the pay walls that are coming up and what
blogging might look like a decade from now.

The NLA’s Andrew Hughes on why it is going after news aggregators
I talked to the NLA’s commercial director Andrew Hughes about the fees
newspapers are asking web monitoring services such as NewsNow to pay in
order to index and link to their content.

Tamara Littleton on online moderation
The eModeration founder talks about her approach to the issue of online moderation, and the work she has been doing for advertisers.

Dominic Jacqueson on how ereaders can change the media landscape
Dominic on the eReader market, the Kindle, and how he expects the
technology to impact media and marketing over the next few years.