This week Christmas is slipping into the mix alongside some inspiration sports brands in our weekly showcase of The Dachis Group’s Social Business Index.

Our focus is on three companies – V.F. Corp, General Mills, and Woodman Labs known for their brands Vans, Betty Crocker and GoPro – as analyzed by the team at the Dachis Group.

We’ll also take a glimpse at the top twenty brands on the Social Business Index, a real-time ranking of more than 30,000 global brands based on their performance in the social space, to see how the biggest brands in social are faring.

V.F. Corp
Analyzed by Lizzie Steen

V.F. Corp, a large American apparel company, had some extra attention this week as a result of promotional social content produced by one of the company’s major brands, Vans. Known for its Cali-inspired sportswear, Vans initially excited consumers by posting a LIVE video on their Facebook wall. 

The video showcased the company’s sponsorship of the World Cup of Surfing. The World Cup was augmented with a heavily social enabled microsite with ties to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a lively chat. As the day progressed, Vans maintained fan interest by posting to its various social channels including another video of the “godfather of Vans,” Steve Van Doren, who was accompanied by a few other friends, on a visit to Milan. Viewers got to see an intimate look into their day as they explored the city. Besides hosting a signing at their store in Italy, the men visited a skate park. The enticing video brought in 3,112 likes, 93 comments, and 197 shares. 

Further on in the week, another post, which featured Vans new snow show line, produced 3,255 likes, 91 comments, and 206 shares. Four images of varying colored shoes attracted fans to their homepage where they could find (and buy) the product. By using a combination of both corporate and product advertising on their Facebook page, Vans successfully increased awareness of their overall brand.

General Mills
Analyzed by Allison Squires

Now that Christmas is around the corner, Betty Crocker is turning up the heat on their Facebook page. From hot holiday trends to decorating tips to DIY baking projects, Betty Crocker is providing fans with exactly the cooking tricks they need for the holiday season. 

Last week, the brand posted a recipe for ‘Elf Bait,’ tapping into the popular Elf on the Shelf everyone seems to be talking about this season. This holiday season, Betty Crocker fans are looking to the brand for a little holiday inspiration, fun and tips for how they can spread the holiday cheer to friends. 

By continually providing fans with great content, they will become the go-to brand for those with a sweet tooth this holiday season and next.

Analyzed by Lizzie Steen

With over four million Facebook followers, hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers and a lively Instagram presence, GoPro is a very social and consumer-watched brand. This week was no different: the “photo of the day” featured an epic landscape of the North Shore’s waves and horizon. An impressive 37,150 likes supported GoPro cameras’ purpose—to capture the fantastic. 

A second photo showcased more of the ocean’s waves, as they precipitously enveloped the entire body of a surfer. In the shot, only the surfer’s face peeks out of the water. The viewer can only expect the momentum of the wave to continue and a likely crash to result. The shot is epic. These split second images highlight GoPro’s ability to effectively display the strength of their product through community-produced content.

Editors note: The Social Business Index, a free ranking compiled by The Dachis Group, is based on the analysis of conversations on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and other social platforms. The index is based on the execution and effectiveness of businesses at driving outcomes such as brand awareness, content sharing, and advocacy.