There have been some very odd things sold via eBay – it really is a website that seems to create demand for everything. Even ‘a ghost in a jar’ managed to find an owner, who spent more than $15,000 to acquire the bona fide gift of somebody else’s lifetime, and a jar.

Seriously, you can use eBay to sell anything. A ball of aluminium foil sold for $3.10. A videotape with ‘Death Tape: Do Not Watch’ written on it sold for $18. Take a blowtorch to some cheese on toast and you can make a million…

Back to reality for a moment, and here in Lemon Studios there was a discussion about whether you could sell office space on eBay. Sure you can! It’s eBay! 

And with that, Jodie at Lemon Studios has posted an ad on eBay offering up one of their desks to the highest bidder. So if you’re in the internet or digital space and want to work in an air-conditioned office in central London, then here’s your chance to get in on the action.

Lemon Studios is great for meeting new internet folk and there are a few startups kicking around, so there is a bit of a buzz here. On top of that E-consultancy lives here, so you know you’ll be in good company.

Here are the ten very good reasons why you might want to take office space in Lemon Studios London, according to the eBay ad.