Fast-food chain
Burger King
has begun selling BK-branded video games along with its burgers and fries, in an effort to build customer loyalty through digital entertainment.

Three titles for Xbox and Xbox 360 consoles will sell for $3.99 each with Value Meals purchased at US restaurants.

The games include characters from other Burger King ad campaigns, including the Subservient Chicken, a previous website featuring an actor dressed in a chicken suit who performed actions typed interactively by visitors but which was actually an artificial intelligence construction.

Pocketbike Racer lets gamers race on miniature motorcycles, while Sneak King asks players to creep around in search of fast food and Big Bumpin’ puts them in the seats of dodgem bumper cars.

Gamers can pit their wits against each other using Microsoft’s Xbox Live online play network, while high scores are tallied on a supporting website.

Selected customers will be picked to play live in the game world with the “King”, BK’s bearded mascot, who has been given a gamer tag of BurgerKingGWF.