Tony Blair took some time out from Middle Eastern politics on Sunday to pay a


to Silicon Valley’s brightest and best.

Hopefully the PM will have left with some ideas about how to create an environment in which dotcom and tech start-ups can flourish here in the UK.

The visit saw Blair urged to set up his own blog, as well to change attitudes to failure in business.

“In the US and especially in Silicon Valley, if you have taken a risk and you fail, you in fact become more interesting and potentially more valuable because now you know something,” said Sun Microsystems’ Jonathan Schwartz.

“Frankly, if you hop over the pond (to Europe) you end up with a very, very different perception of risk and how risk should be viewed.”

Blair attended a roundtable meeting with leaders including Apple’s Steve Jobs and Cisco’s John Chambers, and told them: “We’re trying in our way in Britain to make sure the UK is a dynamic, innovative country.”

While he’s at it, he could take a glance at this article by Tom Coates last year.