Video search engine Blinkx has launched an Adsense-like platform called AdHoc in a bid to raise revenues from the content in its index.

The system uses speech recognition technology to place contextual ads next to or inside web videos on sites.

Blinkx, which is listed on London’s AIM, says it has already indexed around 12m hours of video on the web, and hopes the promise of ad revenues will encourage more video producers to submit their content to the search engine.

It said the ad system combines “the emotive power of TV promotion with the relevance and utility of contextual search advertising”.

For advertisers, the AdHoc platform offers the option of placing contextual pre, post and mid-roll ads, as well as dynamically-selected banners, in-video mini-banners and post-roll catalogues.

But the company said it was not positioning AdHoc against Google.

“AdHoc is a technology platform rather than an ad network,” Suranga Chandratillake, founder and CEO of Blinkx told Mediapost’s Online Media Daily. “It’s built to improve Google’s, or an existing ad network’s, efforts.”

Blinkx also today announced deals to provide search tools to RealNetworks and InfoSpace’s family of metasearch brands including